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20W Mini Hot Glue Gun Adhesive Tool ( Pack Of 1 )

20W Mini Hot Glue Gun Adhesive Tool ( Pack Of 1 )

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Get precise bonding with Topperskit Glue Gun. Small size, plastic build. Ideal for crafts and repairs. Includes 1 glue gun.

About This Item : 

  • Brand: Topperskit
  • SKU: 9876873847393
  • Size and Stick Size: Small
  • Category: Adhesives
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Type: Glue Gun
  • Quantity: 1 Pc.

Key Features:

  1. Insert Glue Stick: Insert the glue stick into the gun through the inlet tube. Press the trigger several times until the glue gun is firmly set into the inlet tube.

  2. Power Up: Plug the Glue Gun’s cord into the electricity outlet. Flip the Power button switch to “ON” mode.

  3. Warm-Up: Keep the glue gun aside and allow it to warm up for approximately 5 minutes.

  4. Apply Glue: Gently squeeze the trigger of the gun until melted glue begins to emerge from the nozzle. No need to spread the glue.

  5. Bonding: Apply glue to one of the two surfaces and press together within 15 seconds for quick and effective bonding.

  6. Power Down: Once the task is finished, switch off the Power button and unplug the Glue Gun.

Usage Tips:

  1. For best bonding, clean the surfaces to be glued.
  2. Use of clamps and other holding devices is not necessary.
  3. Switch off the power button of the Glue Gun when it is not in use to control the flow of glue.
  4. The glue stick in use can't be removed unless completely exhausted.

The color of the product is dependent on stock availability, ensuring that you receive a reliable and efficient tool for your crafting and repair needs. Elevate your adhesive experience with the Topperskit 20W Mini Hot Glue Gun.

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