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APSARA B Premium Wooden Drawing Pencils ( Pack of 10 )

APSARA B Premium Wooden Drawing Pencils ( Pack of 10 )

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About This Item : 

  1. Brand: APSARA
  2. Product Name: Drawing Pencils
  3. SKU: 8901324000092
  4. Material: Wooden
  5. Category: Pencils
  6. Include: 1 Eraser Free
  7. Product Type: Wooden drawing pencil
  8. Quantity: 10 Pencils (1 Pack)

Key Features:

  1. Lead With Hi-Quality Graphite: Our APSARA B Drawing Pencils are equipped with top-quality graphite, ensuring your writing remains dark and neat for an extended period, making them ideal for all your creative and professional needs.

  2. Accurate Bonding Process: Each pencil undergoes a precise bonding process, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance, a crucial attribute for various projects.

  3. Softened & Well-Treated Wood: The wooden casings are meticulously softened and treated to facilitate smooth sharpening, which not only provides a superior drawing experience but also extends the shelf life of each pencil, reducing waste.

  4. Meets International Quality Standards: APSARA B Drawing Pencils meet strict international quality standards, assuring you of their superior performance and durability.

  5. Specially Designed for Drawing and Engineering: These pencils are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of both artists and engineers, offering exceptional versatility in one package.

  6. Distinctive Grades for Drawing: With a precise B grade, these pencils provide an optimal balance between darkness and precision, making them perfect for drawing, shading, sketching, and drafting.

  7. Free Non-Dust Eraser Included: Each pack of APSARA B Drawing Pencils includes a high-quality eraser, ensuring you have all the tools necessary to bring your creative and technical projects to life.

Elevate your creative and professional work with APSARA B Drawing Pencils. These pencils are designed for those who demand excellence, precision, and longevity in their artistic and technical endeavors. Purchase your pack of APSARA B Drawing Pencils today and experience the difference in every stroke and line.

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