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Camel Artica Plastic Crayons - Big ( Pack Of 12 Shades )

Camel Artica Plastic Crayons - Big ( Pack Of 12 Shades )

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About This Item:

  1. Brand: Camel
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. SKU: 8901425000311
  4. Colour: Multicolour
  5. Size: Big
  6. Pack: 12 Shades
  7. Product Type: Plastic Crayons Colours
  8. Quantity: 1 Pack (12 Crayons)

Key Features:

  1. Safety Assured: Conforming to Safety Standard EN 71-3, these crayons are meticulously manufactured to meet the highest safety standards, making them exceptionally safe for artists of all ages, especially children.

  2. Art Contest Entry Bonus: Inside the pack, you'll discover an exciting Camel Art Contest entry coupon. Your artistic creations could be your ticket to recognition and prizes.

  3. Optimal for Drawing Paper: These crayons are specially designed for use on drawing paper, bringing out the best in your artwork and allowing your creations to shine with vibrant, true-to-life colors.

  4. Attractive and Durable Tin Packing: The crayons come neatly organized in an attractive and durable tin case, keeping them well-protected and easy to carry.

  5. Non-Toxic and CE Certified: Rest easy knowing that Camel Plastic Crayons are non-toxic and CE certified, adhering to the strictest child safety standards. Your young artists can explore their creativity without worry.

  6. Sharpenable and Erasable: These crayons can be sharpened for precision and feature an erasable quality, giving young artists the freedom to experiment and correct their artwork as they go.

  7. Tough and Break-Resistant: These crayons are built to withstand normal use, making them tough and resistant to breakage. They are sure to last through countless creative endeavors.

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