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Camlin Student Poster Colours - Multicolour ( Pack of 12 )

Camlin Student Poster Colours - Multicolour ( Pack of 12 )

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About This Item :

  • Brand: Camlin
  • Product Name: Student Poster
  • SKU: 8901425000434
  • Size: 10 ml each
  • Pack: 12 Shades
  • Product Type: Poster Colours
  • Colours : Multicolour
  • Category : Art & Craft

Key Features :

  1. Bold, Bright, and Opaque: Camlin Student Poster Colours provide a burst of bold, bright, and opaque hues, allowing your artistic vision to shine with intensity and brilliance.

  2. Easy to Mix and Flow: Unleash your creativity effortlessly with colours that are easy to mix and flow smoothly. Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, these poster colours make the process enjoyable and seamless.

  3. Quick Drying: Experience the joy of swift progress in your artwork as Camlin Poster Colours dry quickly. This feature enables you to layer and experiment with your creations without extended waiting periods.

  4. Available in Various Pack Sizes: Tailor your artistic collection to your needs. Camlin Poster Colours are available in various pack sizes, offering flexibility and choice for artists exploring different shades and assortments, with packs extending up to 18 shades.

  5. Shade Poster White Available Separately: Enhance your palette with the separately available Shade Poster White, allowing you to expand your creative possibilities and achieve the perfect tones in your artwork.

  6. Non-Toxic and CE Certified: Safety is paramount. Camlin ensures that these poster colours are non-toxic and CE certified, conforming to the highest child safety standards. Paint with peace of mind, focusing solely on your artistic expression.

Camlin Student Poster Colours offer a delightful painting experience, combining boldness with ease of use. Elevate your artistic journey with a brand that understands and supports your creative aspirations. Explore the world of colours with Camlin – where every shade tells a story.
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