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Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box ( Pack Of 1 )

Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box ( Pack Of 1 )

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About This Item:

  1. Brand: Classmate
  2. Product Name: Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box
  3. SKU: 8903183100500
  4. Uses: In Schools & Colleges
  5. Category: Geometry Boxes
  6. Product Type: School Geometry Boxes

Key Features:

  1. Specially Designed Self-Centering Compass:

    • The geometry box features a specially designed self-centering compass, making it easy to draw circles and angles with precision.
    • Achieve your geometric goals effortlessly.
  2. Non-Rusting Strong Divider and Compass:

    • The divider and compass in this set are crafted from non-rusting, durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance.
    • Your tools will maintain their shape and shine over time.
  3. High Transparency Plastic Tools with Precise Markings:

    • The ruler, protractor, and set square are made from high transparency plastic, featuring precise markings for easy reading and accurate drawings.
    • Your measurements will always be on point.
  4. Wobble-Free Die-Cast Compass:

    • The die-cast compass offers wobble-free and consistent precision when drawing circles and arcs.
    • Enjoy a smooth drawing experience.
  5. Double-Sided Tray for Organization:

    • The double-sided tray in the geometry box prevents scratches and provides quick access to your tools.
    • Stay organized and keep your tools in excellent condition.
  6. Compass with Spur Gear Technology:

    • The compass in this set utilizes spur gear technology, ensuring coordinate movement and symmetry in your drawings.
    • Achieve flawless geometric precision.
  7. Mechanical Pencil for Higher Precision:

    • The geometry box includes a mechanical pencil, perfect for taking your precision to the next level in your technical drawings.
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