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Luxor Sketch Pens - Red ( Set of 10 )

Luxor Sketch Pens - Red ( Set of 10 )

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About This Item:

  1. Brand: Luxor
  2. Product Name: Sketch Pens
  3. SKU: 8901198115762
  4. Colour: Red
  5. Category: Color Pens & Sparkle

Key Features:

  1. Pressure Resistant Tip Technology: Luxor Sketch Pens are equipped with advanced pressure-resistant tip technology, ensuring a consistent and smooth ink flow. This feature allows for precise, controlled strokes, giving life to your artwork.

  2. Non-Toxic: We prioritize your safety and the environment. Luxor Sketch Pens are non-toxic, making them safe for artists of all ages. Enjoy your artistic pursuits with peace of mind.

  3. Ventilated Safety Caps: The ventilated safety caps serve as protective shields for your pens, preventing ink from drying out and extending the longevity of your sketch pens. Your colors will be ready whenever inspiration strikes.

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