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Pencil Extender/Lengthener with Metal Heads ( Pack of 1 )

Pencil Extender/Lengthener with Metal Heads ( Pack of 1 )

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About This Item :

  • Product Name: Pencil Extender/Lengthener with Metal Heads
  • Brand: Topperskit
  • SKU: 9876873850797
  • Sizes: Length 13.2 cm approx., one head is approx 8.35 mm, the other head is approx 10.53 mm
  • Category: Art & Craft
  • Pack: 1 Piece
  • Product Type: Pencil Extender

Key Features :

  1. Double-Head Design: The Pencil Extender features two durable stainless metal heads, each with a different inner diameter (8mm and 10mm). This design ensures compatibility with a wide range of triangular or hexagonal pencils, including standard art, craft, hobby, and school pencils.

  2. Adjustable & Easy to Use: Equipped with sliding rings on the heads, this extender offers effortless adjustment for accommodating pencils of various sizes. The metal ring provides a secure grip, preventing the pencil from slipping or wobbling during use. This feature makes it simple to insert and remove pencils without hassle.

  3. Pencil Saver & Eco-Friendly: By using this extender, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your pencils. When a pencil becomes too short to hold comfortably, simply insert it into the extender to continue using it effectively. This not only saves your pencils from being wasted but also reduces environmental impact by minimizing pencil waste.

  4. Comfortable Writing Instrument: The plastic handle of the extender is designed to match the diameter and shape of most pencils, ensuring a comfortable and familiar grip. This ergonomic design enhances the user experience, making it easier to write or draw for extended periods without discomfort.

  5. Versatile Usage: Apart from its primary function as a pencil extender, this tool can also be used with other writing instruments, such as eyeliners and makeup pencils. Its compatibility with various pencil types makes it a versatile accessory for artists, students, and professionals alike.

  6. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, including stainless metal and durable plastic, this extender is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures long-term reliability and performance, making it a practical and cost-effective tool for artists and enthusiasts.

  7. Compact & Portable: With a compact size and lightweight design, this pencil extender is easy to carry and store. Whether you're working in the studio, classroom, or on the go, this tool provides a convenient solution for extending the life of your pencils wherever you are.

  8. Value Pack: This product comes in a pack of one, providing you with a single extender to meet your needs. The value pack offers an economical solution for extending the lifespan of multiple pencils over time.

These key features highlight the practicality, versatility, and eco-friendliness of the Pencil Extender/Lengthener with Metal Heads, making it an essential tool for artists, students, and anyone who uses pencils regularly.

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