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Pilot V7 Hitech Point Gel Pen Cartridge System – Red ( Pack of 1 )

Pilot V7 Hitech Point Gel Pen Cartridge System – Red ( Pack of 1 )

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About This Item : 

  • Brand: Pilot
  • Ink Colour: Red
  • SKU:  8901198105183
  • Material: Plastic
  • Tip Type: Roller Pen
  • Tip Size: 0.7 mm
  • Category: Roller Ball Pens
  • Quantity: 1 Pen

Key Features  :

  1. Unique 3 Dimple Tip Technology: Immerse yourself in the world of precise writing with the pen's unique 3-dimple tip technology, sourced from Japan. Every stroke is a testament to unparalleled accuracy.

  2. Pure Liquid Ink for Smooth Skip-Free Writing: Enjoy a writing experience like never before. The pen is equipped with pure liquid ink, ensuring each line is smooth, skip-free, and effortlessly expressive.

  3. Patented ATT System: The Advanced Technology for Touch (ATT) system ensures an instant start, allowing you to begin writing seamlessly and without delay.

  4. See-Through Ink Reservoir: Stay informed about your ink levels with the innovative see-through ink reservoir. Visualize your remaining ink supply, and refill with ease using Luxor Pilot cartridges.

  5. Refillable with Cartridge Brand Name: Luxor Pilot: Embrace sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This pen is refillable with Luxor Pilot cartridges, providing a reliable, eco-friendly solution that reduces environmental impact.

  6. Nib Size: 0.7mm: The versatile 0.7mm nib size offers precision and adaptability, allowing you to effortlessly switch between writing styles and tasks.

  7. Pen Type: Gel Pen: Combining the smoothness of a rollerball with the precision of a ballpoint, this gel pen delivers a perfect balance for an array of writing needs.

  8. Use: Office & School Pen: Tailored for both professional and academic settings, this pen is the ideal writing companion for all your endeavors.

  9. Erasable or Not: No: The non-erasable ink ensures the permanence of your written words, making it ideal for important notes and documents.

  10. Ink Feature: Fine: With a fine ink feature, this pen adds a touch of finesse to your writing, making it perfect for detailed and intricate tasks.


The Pilot V7 Hitech Point Gel Pen Cartridge System in classic Red offers a sophisticated blend of precision, innovation, and convenience. With unique 3-dimple tip technology, pure liquid ink, the patented ATT system, and the ability to be refilled with Luxor Pilot cartridges, this pen caters to the demands of discerning writers. Whether in the office or at school, elevate your writing experience with a pen that combines Japanese craftsmanship with modern functionality.

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