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Reynolds Trimax Refills – Black ( Pack of 1 )

Reynolds Trimax Refills – Black ( Pack of 1 )

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About This Item :

  • Brand: Reynolds
  • Product Name: Trimax
  • SKU: 8904275300402
  • Ink Colour: Black
  • Category: Refill
  • Product Type: Gel Pen Refill
  • Quantity : 1 Piece

Key Features :

  1. Max Write Length, Max Precision: Unlock the potential for extended writing sessions with the Max Write Length feature. Experience the joy of precise and controlled writing, allowing you to express yourself with accuracy.

  2. Max Smoothness: Elevate your writing with the Max Smoothness of Reynolds Trimax Refills. Glide effortlessly across paper, enjoying a smooth and seamless writing experience that enhances every stroke.

  3. Advanced Fluid Ink Technology: Immerse yourself in the world of advanced fluid ink technology. The Reynolds Trimax Refills boast cutting-edge innovation, ensuring a consistent and flawless ink flow for a superior writing performance.

  4. Waterproof Ink: Leave your mark with confidence. The water-proof ink ensures that your writing remains intact, even when faced with moisture, adding a layer of durability to your important notes and documents.

Description :

Reynolds Trimax Refills go beyond the ordinary, offering a fusion of precision, smoothness, and technological advancement. The deep black ink adds a touch of sophistication to your writing, making it suitable for various occasions, from professional documents to personal notes.

Upgrade your writing instrument with Reynolds Trimax Refills – Black. Whether you are jotting down ideas or creating intricate details, these refills are designed to meet the demands of discerning writers. Elevate your penmanship with Trimax.

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