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Rorito Fiberpoints Gel Pens Set : Vibrant Colours ( Pack of 10 )

Rorito Fiberpoints Gel Pens Set : Vibrant Colours ( Pack of 10 )

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About This Item :

  • Product Name: Rorito Fiberpoints Gel Pens
  • Brand: Rorito
  • SKU: 8902532045424
  • Shades: 10 Vibrant Colors
  • Category: Color Pen
  • Product Type: Colour Gel Pen
  • Quantity : 10 Pens 

Key Features :

  1. Fiber Tip: Each pen in this set features a fiber tip that ensures smooth, precise, and consistent writing. The fiber tip allows for fine lines and detailed strokes, making it perfect for writing, sketching, and coloring.
  2. Sleek Design: The pens are designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, combining functionality with style. The slim barrel and elegant finish provide a comfortable grip and an attractive appearance.
  3. Extra Long Metal Clip: Equipped with an extra-long metal clip, these pens offer added convenience and portability. The clip securely attaches to pockets, notebooks, or organizers, ensuring that your pens are always within reach.
  4. Non-Smudging Ink: The gel ink used in these pens is formulated to dry quickly and resist smudging, resulting in clean and smudge-free writing. This feature is particularly useful for left-handed writers or when working on glossy or coated paper surfaces.
  5. Dark Writing: The pens deliver rich and vibrant colors with every stroke, providing excellent visibility and readability. Whether you're writing notes, drawing, or coloring, the bold and vivid ink ensures that your work stands out.
Elevate your writing and coloring experience with the Rorito Fiberpoints Gel Pens. With their fiber tips, sleek design, non-smudging ink, and vibrant colors, these pens are perfect for various artistic and creative endeavors.
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